How to Fall Asleep FAST When You CAN’T Sleep! 12 Sleep Life Hacks!

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  • Putting your feet on the wall like that (or when your in that sort of position) can help period cramps too.

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  • For the talking to yourself one try... Thinking of sad things while listening to music and make them seem happy! (It works for me)

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  • Done @allieepollock on it and want to fall asleep easier

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  • Done @allieepollock on it and want to fall asleep easier

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  • Done @allieepollock on it and want to fall asleep easier

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  • I want to help people who are afraid of dark I’m 10 and all I do is just put on a small light 💡 that will help with feel more safe just being able to look around my room and not see it completely black it makes me fall asleep but in 30 minutes!!! But the light I fall asleep with really fast :) hope it helped also I know it Natalie said to no use electronics but watch a few videos when you start feeling tired trust you’re gut and sleep :) thx for reading all this way ! Bye 🤍

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