DIY MASTER 11: GRAFFITI *my biggest fail yet?*

omg HAPPY DECEMBER 1ST WHAT THE HECK HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???? also welcome back to the 11th episode of DIY MASTER! let me know if there's a bigger/harder/NEW artform or project you want me to take on for our next episode!
♡ XO lauren
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THANK YOU to all my DIY babes who entered!!! y'all know I'm already prepping for the next one 💗
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  • i got relies that this was posted 7 day before my birthday happy late bday to me

    giselle muratallagiselle muratallaپیش روز
  • @vexx hes sooooooooo good in graffiti he is the one that inspired me to start

    lili moonlightlili moonlightپیش روز
  • Omg it came out sooo good I think

    Finley EdwardsFinley Edwardsپیش 3 روز
  • It is great masterpiece

    Seema PatilSeema Patilپیش 4 روز
  • You should sell it to one of your subscribers bc I would bye it

    Cammie LeeCammie Leeپیش 4 روز
  • It's soooooooooo good👌👩🏼‍🎨

    effie mahereffie maherپیش 4 روز
  • Why is she soo pretty...!!!!!

    sarah wassermansarah wassermanپیش 5 روز
  • She is good at this

    Mingi And SanMingi And Sanپیش 8 روز
  • that is good for your first time my first time it looked like a blob.

    Breanna HendleyBreanna Hendleyپیش 9 روز
  • What brand of spray paint is that?????

    Cortney ThomasCortney Thomasپیش 11 روز
  • girl it is ok! like um you tried yo best and you did what you did Period also love your masterpiece!

    Shantaniqua ClarkShantaniqua Clarkپیش 11 روز
  • I love it. That's amazing for your first graffiti art project.

    Leeka KitsonLeeka Kitsonپیش 13 روز

    gacha UwU chãñgacha UwU chãñپیش 14 روز
  • *my biggest fail* *the best you did * 👇🏻

    Itz Diya MandaliaItz Diya Mandaliaپیش 15 روز
  • “aHh this part scardy its sound s. Really scardy this part *award Silence* ........Ahhh” 😂

    ForeverLove CatsForeverLove Catsپیش 17 روز
  • I think that it is awesome

    Jolie JonesJolie Jonesپیش 17 روز
  • Where's the Brad Mondo of graffiti

    Brinlee BraggBrinlee Braggپیش 18 روز
  • I don't know what you see but it looks amazing!!!

    Kiley JoKiley Joپیش 18 روز
  • I love it

    amelia gracieamelia gracieپیش 19 روز
  • It looks COOL 🐾🐾👑👑😍😍

    Juliana MejiaJuliana Mejiaپیش 19 روز
  • It was COOL 😊😊😊😊♥️♥️♥️

    Juliana MejiaJuliana Mejiaپیش 20 روز
  • Honestly I think it looks amazing

    Cambri AlexanderCambri Alexanderپیش 22 روز
  • 1. Laura I don’t know where you messed up because it looks good 2. You art is bootiful

    Kellie HoKellie Hoپیش 22 روز
  • It look really cute

    Humble BugsHumble Bugsپیش 23 روز
  • Can you do my name in Graffiti pls you are good at it your better at it than me

    Harley the KoalyHarley the Koalyپیش 23 روز
  • Its amazing!

    Maddie WarnerMaddie Warnerپیش 23 روز
  • Am I the only one thats bothered by the fact that the i and the y are lower case???

    Marissa BrooksMarissa Brooksپیش 25 روز
  • I'm a professional graffiti artist and...umm i think its great as a first graffiti art! Follow the rules next time 😂

    Shotabdi Barua BTS ARMYShotabdi Barua BTS ARMYپیش 25 روز
  • Better than I could do I would take it

    Ava NelsonAva Nelsonپیش 26 روز
  • you are the best artist i've ever seen

    Lunara TakyrbashevaLunara Takyrbashevaپیش 26 روز
  • Carlo Nieva!! He's an amazing artist!

    Lunara TakyrbashevaLunara Takyrbashevaپیش 26 روز
  • Do graffiti with Vexx

    XoXoSummer HimesXoXoXoXoSummer HimesXoXoپیش 26 روز
  • Can you ask Me she's a IRproject's. Please ask her.😄

    Amaya RabsattAmaya Rabsattپیش 26 روز
  • That's AMAZING

    Tia WrightTia Wrightپیش 29 روز
  • I looks great

    Itz Diya MandaliaItz Diya Mandaliaپیش ماه
  • Lauren: I will dispose of it discreetly so no one ever sees it again *uploads it to the internet for everyone to see

    Clodagh MeehanClodagh Meehanپیش ماه
  • I think this is well good

    Kimberley EllisKimberley Ellisپیش ماه
  • ThAt is so pretty

    Suneel GheiSuneel Gheiپیش ماه
  • You are so sweet and creative I love watching you

    DIY SisterDIY Sisterپیش ماه
  • Low key it looks good

    Strawberry CardonaStrawberry Cardonaپیش ماه
  • It looks so goooooooooood ❤🥰

    Hailey ScavoHailey Scavoپیش ماه
  • Me getting paranoid now because she didn’t do anything with the dot on the I

    Laney HannumLaney Hannumپیش ماه
  • It's soooooo goooood 😁😁

    Katie BraleyKatie Braleyپیش ماه
  • I'll take it if you stikk have it and dont want it anymore

    Roblox BluewolfRoblox Bluewolfپیش ماه
  • It look great

    Journey JohnsonJourney Johnsonپیش ماه
  • I love it

    breeanna drewbreeanna drewپیش ماه
  • Noo its beutiful

    furby boom mix upfurby boom mix upپیش ماه
  • Lauren: oh wat is dat

    Salli SochkoSalli Sochkoپیش ماه
  • No one: Lauren: “usually they say u gotta be like 26” away so I’m like wooo but this is like wooo”

    Lo RøseLo Røseپیش ماه
  • I loooovvvveee it but the highlight tho

    D UnicorniaD Unicorniaپیش ماه
  • Me: Skips 15 secs because I want to save my time, Later Me: Wait, I wanna hear what she says! 😂😂

    Bia CaseirasBia Caseirasپیش ماه
  • It looks amazing

    Jene BaileyJene Baileyپیش ماه
  • It's so beautiful

    Fun TimeFun Timeپیش ماه
  • You cant do it with 1 cap, you need heaps aswell as you need a sketch book of what you want to do first. But you need to do tags like 5000 times to get hand style and can control

  • This is a good meme. She thinks shes doing graffiti. Aww cute

  • You should reach out to Gear Duran and do a spray painting class!

    Riley HRiley Hپیش ماه
  • She always starts of with the hardest things

    Maddie's ChannelMaddie's Channelپیش ماه
  • more graffiti videos, more likes more subscribers more content :)

    Angie SandovalAngie Sandovalپیش ماه
  • Cathren from the ace family’s brother

    Me Does stuffMe Does stuffپیش ماه
  • Vexx can tech u

    Sophia MakiyamaSophia Makiyamaپیش ماه
  • When she tried it first all the letters where upper key and the I was lower key

    GenesisCatperson OgGenesisCatperson Ogپیش ماه
  • when she said "I feel like this is the same font that BRATZ uses", I was like "I was just thinking that"

    Amber HudsonAmber Hudsonپیش ماه
  • Lauren:what is that? No one: Litterly know one: Me: ITS A MASTERPIECE

  • Honestly Lauren it looks amazing

    Hailey LaffitaHailey Laffitaپیش ماه
  • I think it looks really cute

    Savannah No yeah businessSavannah No yeah businessپیش ماه
  • i love it you go girl

    Evie LucyEvie Lucyپیش ماه
  • I love the general aesthetic of this spray painting I see this as an absolute nail

    Abigail StachourAbigail Stachourپیش ماه
  • Nice!😄😄

    Shannon kellyShannon kellyپیش ماه
  • Hey Laura I’m a professional graffiti artist and I love it 😻

    preethisethuramanpreethisethuramanپیش ماه
  • You should do more!!!💖💖

  • Lauren it looks beautiful

    Lily The flowerLily The flowerپیش ماه
  • Its cute don't be so negative please!

    Gacha PandaGacha Pandaپیش ماه
  • OMG i love it

    Xemm JolipaXemm Jolipaپیش ماه
  • were the heck do you get your freaking cute clothes??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lilly SnyderLilly Snyderپیش ماه
  • You should make a season 2 of D.I.Y master

    Brooklynn CreechBrooklynn Creechپیش ماه
  • You were created by the gods of art

    Tymoor HassanTymoor Hassanپیش ماه
  • Its so good x

    Tay_xoxo DinosaursTay_xoxo Dinosaursپیش ماه
  • Girl that is actually beautiful. It turned out really good😁

    Lucy JeanLucy Jeanپیش ماه
  • That is good

    In Symone’s World HallIn Symone’s World Hallپیش 2 ماه
  • you did so gooood thou!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shava LawsonShava Lawsonپیش 2 ماه