Dear April (Side A - Acoustic)

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Dear April (Side A - Acoustic) · Frank Ocean
Dear April (Side A - Acoustic)
℗ 2020 Blonded
Released on: 2020-04-03
Producer: Frank Ocean
Producer: Daniel Aged
Writer: Frank Ocean
Writer: Daniel Aged
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  • Shout to songs written and produced by two people ☕️🙄🤔😎😁 I think they call it creativity

    Leroy HillLeroy Hillپیش روز
  • Hot dog water

    Andres dAndres dپیش روز
  • te amo

    Laura PollyannaLaura Pollyannaپیش روز
  • yes yes yes yes finallycomesoutofhiding

    jazzi bjazzi bپیش روز
  • Pain

    HELLOLHELLOLپیش 4 روز
  • this is what melancholia feels like.

    AlondraAlondraپیش 4 روز
  • *Babe! It's **<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="179">2:59</a>** time for your emotional breakdown!*

    Ian BrahmIan Brahmپیش 6 روز
  • im floating rn

    arianator grandearianator grandeپیش 6 روز
  • a masterpiece. if this does not make you happy idk what would

    Ben SeelyBen Seelyپیش 6 روز
  • Me hearing this for the time in may sucks.

    Brandon JohnsonBrandon Johnsonپیش 7 روز
  • Whos here 1 month later still in ur feels listening to this

    J TJ Tپیش 7 روز
  • This song sounds warm and wet

  • If I met a guy who could make me feel the same way I do whilst listening to this song, I would marry him

    Marceline CarterMarceline Carterپیش 8 روز
  • how many april’s are here watching :~)

    APRIL VerasAPRIL Verasپیش 9 روز
  • oneday we'll all be happy.

    Wendy NsizwaneWendy Nsizwaneپیش 10 روز
  • why frank gotta make us feel like this... just when i buried it all this nigga made everything pop back up... fuck u frank

    myroomisdirtymyroomisdirtyپیش 10 روز
  • Walking along a shaded path with leaves swaying in the breeze beside a rill. That's what I think about listening to his music.

  • what can do wrong this man?

    Fernando Iván T.Fernando Iván T.پیش 11 روز
  • This song just reminds me that I’m alone

    Tyler ThorntonTyler Thorntonپیش 11 روز
  • I'm here for this

    April HApril Hپیش 11 روز
  • this just makes want to cry for days

    Rea ZRea Zپیش 12 روز
  • if u close ur eyes and its raining this song hit different trust me.

    Amaryllis SaveryAmaryllis Saveryپیش 12 روز
  • That last band part was made on GarageBand

    ImNahshon *ImNahshon *پیش 12 روز
  • im speechless

    - aamna- aamnaپیش 14 روز
  • ... by JACKSON(from greys anatomy😂)

    Leroy HillLeroy Hillپیش 15 روز
  • Frank!!! He’s so talented

    Paulina TranPaulina Tranپیش 15 روز
    • Let me make you a single mom

      Jose LinoJose Linoپیش 11 روز
  • i date his cousin and i was a fan before he came out his music was too powerful to me to abandon him. im not sure if when i send her his songs shes like wtf but idc hes so legendary idgaf id go fan boi if i ever got to meet him lol

    • big cap

      Diego Camarena GonzalezDiego Camarena Gonzalezپیش 14 روز
  • This song was definitely needed

    Mariah PerezMariah Perezپیش 18 روز
  • bubble bath & frank ocean, avoiding all my responsibilities

    mtv.meadowmtv.meadowپیش 18 روز
  • his songs always feel so raw >:(

    catarina Fcatarina Fپیش 18 روز
  • I'm high and listening to this. I feel secured.

    Nich SinghNich Singhپیش 18 روز
  • i don’t really have a reason to be crying but i am

    GalaxiesNovaGalaxiesNovaپیش 18 روز
  • “Dear April, we were safe for awhile” 😭

    Karm-AlgamationKarm-Algamationپیش 19 روز
  • some reason this song feels like it was wrote for me cause i was born in april:/

    shayla bradyshayla bradyپیش 19 روز
    • girl same lol.

      AlondraAlondraپیش 4 روز
    • shayla brady ur prolly a depressed egirl who 16 stfu

      Diego Camarena GonzalezDiego Camarena Gonzalezپیش 8 روز
    • Diego Camarena Gonzalez how does that comment even make me a simp. please tell the joke again. please i just wanna hear you call me a simp again

      shayla bradyshayla bradyپیش 14 روز
    • and nobody asked big simp

      Diego Camarena GonzalezDiego Camarena Gonzalezپیش 14 روز
  • “Are you watching him? Are you watching him dance?” Hit different tbh...😍

    Dominique StewartDominique Stewartپیش 19 روز
  • look at what this song is doing to the comments, beautiful...

    Avoid PhunAvoid Phunپیش 20 روز
  • I’m in love

    Amina Early-RiceAmina Early-Riceپیش 20 روز
  • Frank makes the best ceiling stare music

    Caleb McGuireCaleb McGuireپیش 20 روز
    • big fax

      Diego Camarena GonzalezDiego Camarena Gonzalezپیش 14 روز
  • jackson avery is shaking

    Alexis JohnsonAlexis Johnsonپیش 21 روز
  • My ex will hate this song

    Abril GomezAbril Gomezپیش 22 روز
  • Eyyyyy my names april

    actual trashactual trashپیش 22 روز
    • Didnt have to for me to comment

      actual trashactual trashپیش 13 روز
    • nobody asked

      Diego Camarena GonzalezDiego Camarena Gonzalezپیش 14 روز
  • This song really has me texting him 😩

    April CasasApril Casasپیش 22 روز
    • simp

      Diego Camarena GonzalezDiego Camarena Gonzalezپیش 14 روز
  • I heard the synth and knew it was over for me.

    Jared SilversteinJared Silversteinپیش 22 روز
  • Andy from parks and recreation actually ghost wrote this song.

    Xxx XxxXxx Xxxپیش 22 روز
    • how do u know

      Leah DalyLeah Dalyپیش 21 روز
  • come to brazil,,

    Peter ParkerPeter Parkerپیش 22 روز
  • the only man to defeat Lucian

    Erick PierreErick Pierreپیش 22 روز
  • Please, give a digital release to the Justice remix.

    Kevin Medina CarbonóKevin Medina Carbonóپیش 23 روز
  • i swear there are emotions that only frank can bring out of me

    Quinn FQuinn Fپیش 23 روز
  • april oh april

    jeromes leg legjeromes leg legپیش 24 روز
  • to my son. i love you ♾ we were once strangers too. in two different realms until we met in my soul first, then my womb, now you’re outgrowing my arms each second. “it’s like you made me new, it’s like you took me thru, you woke me up.” kac 🤍 the only entity besides God who witnessed the way my heart beats. i love you.

    Jo Christina WashingtonJo Christina Washingtonپیش 24 روز
  • Frank is one of the greatest artists of our generation No Cap

    K. dotK. dotپیش 25 روز
  • we were safe for a while, we were safe as the year flew by~

    putri hatmantiputri hatmantiپیش 25 روز
  • Dear Frank Ocean, thank you for blessing my birth month 😪😌

    ana murrayana murrayپیش 25 روز
    • Come be my Acura Integurl

      Jose LinoJose Linoپیش 23 روز
  • Win is last day of Ape-roll (role) (April) it a moment past current and to0 BeE 🐝 Bill-3

    Mr. CureEusMr. CureEusپیش 26 روز
  • ⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚

    Mr. CureEusMr. CureEusپیش 26 روز
    • Thank chu 😎

      Mr. CureEusMr. CureEusپیش 26 روز
    • 🤟

      Mr. CureEusMr. CureEusپیش 26 روز
    • ⏱⏱⏱

      Mr. CureEusMr. CureEusپیش 26 روز
  • The emotion this one single voice express can't be described.

    blondbeatsblondbeatsپیش 26 روز
  • Lyrics, anyone ...?

    BigHomieCedBigHomieCedپیش 27 روز
  • i came here because of taeil nct

    Ann JoeAnn Joeپیش 27 روز
  • *Wipes tears from eyes* Frank just drop the album please lol

    Ninety88Ninety88پیش 27 روز
  • im in love with this men

    Nícolas QueirozNícolas Queirozپیش 27 روز
  • So basically I listened to this track while watching the final charapter of Your Lie in April and I can confirm it is an out-of-body experience. If u like anime I really recommend u doing this

    Joaquín -Tax Fraud- VidelaJoaquín -Tax Fraud- Videlaپیش 28 روز
  • quarantine blues

    Mia GizellMia Gizellپیش 28 روز
    • Come be my Acura Integurl

      Jose LinoJose Linoپیش 23 روز
  • Dear NCT Taeil, thanks for the recommendation

    superdol18superdol18پیش 28 روز
  • This do be the mood for April rn tho. Quarantine got us all depressed.

    Evan MorganEvan Morganپیش 29 روز
  • damn yes pls

    Audzz KAudzz Kپیش 29 روز
    • @Audzz K sure I got u 🔥

      Jose LinoJose Linoپیش 23 روز
    • @Jose Lino omg pls subscribe to me rn

      Audzz KAudzz Kپیش 23 روز
    • @Audzz K Enjoi 🔥

      Jose LinoJose Linoپیش 23 روز
    • @Jose Lino not sure. Give me the link

      Audzz KAudzz Kپیش 23 روز
    • @Audzz K Did you ever see the music video tho?? Its 🔥🔥

      Jose LinoJose Linoپیش 23 روز
  • Taeil NCT bring me here

    dina nvdina nvپیش 29 روز
  • This doesn't make me look to the ceiling, it makes me look inside my brain

    David BelmonteDavid Belmonteپیش ماه
  • This motherfucker drops music and we don’t even hear about it. He think’s he’s so cool being so mysterious and all

    MarvNoGoodMarvNoGoodپیش ماه
  • Erkan

    Naz YazNaz Yazپیش ماه
  • i stream this song every single day.

    Jahniya GrandeJahniya Grandeپیش ماه
  • Now when April leaves we’ll be waiting for April to come around again. This is truly seasonal fruit.

    Alexander AustinAlexander Austinپیش ماه
  • 💞

    Nabilla ShafiraNabilla Shafiraپیش ماه
  • This inspiring music has a positive effect on me.

    Krisztina GáspárKrisztina Gáspárپیش ماه
  • The guitar is hitting me 😭

    AngxlAngxlپیش ماه
  • i literally have this song on loop. its just something about the vibe that is so beautiful. it makes me feel numb & calm. frank ocean is amazing.

    Kenya Zaniya’Kenya Zaniya’پیش ماه
  • i’ve been listening to the unreleased version, forever. i’m so happy he finally dropped this🥺

    Its VeronicaIts Veronicaپیش ماه
  • Special thanks to Rosalía, here frome her Instagram karaoke story. 🙏🏼💕

    HuyannaHuyannaپیش ماه
  • frank ocean dropping music like yeah, this will make them want to kill themselves

    MycatishomosexualMycatishomosexualپیش ماه
  • Fck love I want to fly and sleep in clouds for eternity

    I Have a Feet Fetish.I Have a Feet Fetish.پیش ماه
  • yooo dis that gta v radio

    Sasorii_Sasorii_پیش ماه